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Environmentally conscious, we do not use synthetic chemicals, pesticides or weed killers.

As a personal and free decision we have gone further from organic viticulture and into biodynamics as a goal to obtain an equilibrated and sustainable vineyard, enhancing biodiversity and soil structure. Spontaneous green cover, eventually seeded with deep pivoting root varieties to help aerate the soil, increase organic matter content and bacterial and fungal activity (with the help of biodynamic preparations) that brings in all the trace elements required.

Use of biodynamic preparations, teas and vegetal extracts made in site, for the compost and the vines, help us to reduce copper and sulfur inputs. Enhancing biodiversity will provide us with a vital and equilibrated vineyard.

Production rests limited to less of 8000Kg/H, providing us with healthy and equilibrated grapes.

All the plots are tended and harvested by hand, in 20 Kg boxes that reach the winery, located within the vineyard, in a few minutes and in perfect conditions. Organic certified (CCPAE) and biodynamic certified (Demeter).


La Viña Font de Jui