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Winery located within the property. Exclusive use of our grapes, grown in La Font de Jui, following the principle of minimum intervention and maximum respect for the product.

The Coquard PAI press takes care of whole bunches to  obtain a juice of the best possible quality with a 50% limited yield,” the Cuvee”, immediately cooled, and transferred to stainless steel refrigerated tanks by the force of gravity, to undergo cold settling in preparation for fermentation. Obtaining a juice of such quality will allow us to do without certain not very specific treatments and preserve its character.

A temperature controlled fermentation will be followed by a long clarification settling, winter cold stabilized and not filtered. The “tirage” according the traditional method will start the second fermentation in the bottle and the minimum aging period of 18 months in the underground cellar, with a constant temperature throughout the year.

Finally, disgorgement without freezing the neck of the bottle and without adding any dosage other than the same wine, will provide us with the maximum expression of the land where it grows, a natural product far away from unwanted normalization, the true expression of the terroir. Eventually, small deposits may appear in the bottle, proof of a natural and respectful winemaking.


La Viña Font de Jui